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Muichiro Clips / RAW Episode 5 For Twixtor – Demon Slayer S3

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Synopsis Episode 5 Muichiro – Demon Slayer S3

The battle between Muichiro and Gyokko commenced, with the Upper Moon Demon 5 immediately showcasing his masterpiece technique called the Demon Blood Porcelain Vases.

Firstly, from one of his vases, Gyokko released five trapped villagers. Shockingly, he had compressed and modified these five individuals to the point where their bodies fused together.

Furthermore, Gyokko demonstrated his ability to move from one vase to another, seemingly scattered beforehand. This became evident as Gyokko evaded Muichiro’s attacks with ease.

Not only that, employing the Thousand Needle Fish Kill technique, Gyokko summoned numerous small demon fish that flew and shot poisonous spikes. This assault struck Muichiro, who sacrificed himself to protect Kanamori-san and Kotetsu.

Lastly, Gyokko even managed to immobilize Muichiro with the Water Prison Pot technique. This technique trapped Muichiro within a water prison, preventing him from utilizing breathing techniques.

In Episode 5, Muichiro’s memories were shown, depicting a moment when the Mist Pillar was severely injured and being cared for by Oyakata-sama and his wife. During that time, Oyakata-sama mentioned that Muichiro’s memories could resurface through small triggers.

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The memories obtained this time seem to be set before Muichiro was being cared for by Oyakata-sama. These memories were triggered after Muichiro heard Gyokko’s remarks about someone useless existing and dying in a worthless place.

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