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Hunter X Hunter Twixtor HD + CC 4K – Episode 4

Hunter X Hunter Twixtor

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Sinopsis Anime Hunter X Hunter Episode 4

Episode 4 of Hunter x Hunter (2011) continues the adventure of Gon Freecss, a young boy eager to become a Hunter like his father. Along with his friends, Kurapika, Leorio, and Killua, they enter the challenging and demanding Hunter Exam.

In this episode, the aspiring Hunters enter the next phase of the exam, known as the “Encounter with the Shadow Hunter.” This phase aims to test their observation skills and intelligence. Each Hunter candidate is given the task of finding a hidden shadow hunter within a large and intricate building.

Gon and his friends cautiously enter the building, aware that this task is not an easy one. They must rely on their detective skills and gather clues scattered around the building to locate the shadow hunter.

During their search, the Hunter candidates encounter various obstacles and traps designed to test their ability to handle difficult situations. They must fight against artificial monsters, solve puzzles, and work together as a team to successfully complete this phase.

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Throughout their journey, Gon and Killua showcase their intelligence and resilience, while Kurapika demonstrates his expertise in analyzing situations, and Leorio displays remarkable patience.

This episode depicts intense mental and physical battles, where the Hunter candidates must utilize all their abilities to achieve their goals. Will they succeed in finding the shadow hunter and proceed to the next stage of the Hunter Exam?

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