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Oshi No Ko Episode 6 Twixtor HD + CC 4K

Oshi no Ko Twixtor

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Sinopsis Anime Oshi no Ko

The story of Oshi no Ko begins with a gynecologist named Gorou Amemiya (Kento Itou) in a rural hospital. He is a devoted fan of Ai Hoshino (Rie Takahashi), one of the members of the idol group B-Komachi.

One day, Gorou receives a patient who turns out to be Ai Hoshino. Ai, who is only 16 years old, is pregnant with twins.

To hide her pregnancy, Ai announces to the public that she will take a hiatus for some time.

In the midst of his confusion, Gorou promises to take care of and assist Ai until the birth of her two children.

However, tragedy befalls Gorou. On the night of Ai’s delivery, he is killed by an obsessive fan of Ai Hoshino.

After losing his life, Gorou is reincarnated or reborn as Ai Hoshino’s son, a boy named Aquamarine Hoshino (Takeo Otsuka), or Aqua.

Meanwhile, Aqua’s twin sister, named Ruby Hoshino (Yurie Igoma), is also a reincarnation of an acquaintance of Gorou who has passed away. However, Ruby is reluctant to reveal her true identity to Aqua.

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Four years after giving birth to Aqua and Ruby, Ai Hoshino is killed by the same fan who took Gorou’s life. After killing Ai, the fan also takes his own life.

Aqua, who witnesses Ai’s death before his eyes, is determined to find the mastermind behind the murder, who is suspected to be his father and Ruby.

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