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How to Get Anime Clips for Edits

How to Get Anime Clips for Edits

Anime has become a global phenomenon with millions of fans worldwide. Many people enjoy watching anime and even want to create their own content by using anime clips for editing. However, finding high-quality and legal anime clips to use is not always easy. In this article, we will discuss how to obtain anime clips for editing legally and provide tips for maximizing your editing results.

1. Legal Streaming Sites

One of the easiest ways to obtain anime clips is through legal streaming sites. Some sites like Crunchyroll, Funimation, and Netflix offer extensive collections of anime that you can use to create clips. Make sure to read and understand the terms and conditions of clip usage before using them.

2. Social Media Platforms

Social media platforms like YouTube, Instagram, and TikTok can be good sources for obtaining anime clips. Many other users have created and shared anime clips that you can use in your edits. However, make sure to comply with copyright rules and provide proper attribution to the clip owners.

3. Video Sharing Sites

Video sharing sites like YouTube, Vimeo, and Dailymotion can also be sources of anime clips. You can search for anime clips using relevant keywords and filter search results based on licenses that allow reuse. Always check the required licenses and attributions.

4. Anime Forums and Communities

Online anime forums and communities are often places where fans share their favorite anime clips. Join forums and communities like Reddit or Discord that focus on anime to find unique and interesting anime clips for your edits. Remember to ask for permission if you want to use clips posted by community members.

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5. Anime Download Sites

There are several sites that specifically provide legally downloadable anime clips. These sites usually require you to pay a small amount or sign up as a member to access high-quality anime clips. Make sure to comply with the clip usage rules set by the site.

6. Using Screen Recording Software

If you want to create anime clips from full episodes, you can use screen recording software. There are various software available that allow you to record anime clips directly from your computer screen. Make sure to respect copyright when recording and using those clips.

7. Editing Anime Clips

– Proper Clip Selection

When choosing anime clips for editing, it’s important to select clips that fit the theme or concept of your edit. Choose engaging, energetic, or emotional scenes to have a strong impact on the viewers.

– Trimming and Combining Clips

Next, use video editing software to trim anime clips into the parts you want to use. You can also combine multiple clips to create a better storytelling flow or provide smooth transition effects.

– Visual and Sound Effects

To make your edit more engaging, you can add visual effects or sound effects. Some video editing software provides built-in effects that you can use, such as transitions, filters, or overlays. You can also add background music or sound effects to enhance the viewing experience.

– Format and Resolution Selection

Make sure to choose the appropriate video format and suitable resolution for your editing purpose. If you want to upload clips to specific social media platforms, check the required format and resolution guidelines to ensure your clips are displayed properly.

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– Avoiding Copyright Infringement

It’s crucial to respect copyright when using anime clips for editing. Do not use copyrighted anime clips without permission from the owners, unless you have legitimate usage rights or the clips are in the public domain.


By following the above guidelines, you can obtain anime clips for editing in a legal manner while respecting copyright. Legal streaming sites, social media platforms, video sharing sites, community forums, anime download sites, and screen recording software are some sources you can use. It’s important to always check and comply with the terms and conditions of clip usage set by the owners.


1. Can I use anime clips I find on YouTube?

You should check the required licenses and attributions before using anime clips you find on YouTube. Many anime clips on YouTube are copyright protected, so make sure to obtain permission from the owners or look for clips that are reusable.

2. Can I use anime clips for commercial purposes?

To use anime clips for commercial purposes, you usually need permission from the copyright owners. Some anime download sites provide anime clips with commercial licenses that you can use. However, make sure to read and understand the usage terms and conditions before using those clips.

3. How do I provide proper attribution to anime clip owners?

Providing proper attribution to anime clip owners is important in preserving copyright. Usually, attribution includes mentioning the clip owner’s name and the anime title, as well as providing a link to the original clip source if possible. Make sure to read and follow the attribution guidelines provided by the clip owners or the platform where you obtained the clips.

4. Are there legal risks in using anime clips without permission?

Yes, using copyrighted anime clips without permission that infringe copyright can carry legal risks. Copyright owners have exclusive rights to control the use of their works, and copyright infringement can result in legal actions and serious fines. Always ensure to respect copyright and seek necessary permissions before using anime clips.

5. Are there alternatives to obtaining anime clips legally?

Yes, there are several alternatives to legally obtain anime clips. You can purchase anime DVDs or Blu-rays that provide extra or bonus clips. Some official websites of anime studios also offer anime clips that can be used for editing with purchase or subscription. If you have access to live anime events or festivals, you can also record anime clips from there with the necessary permissions.

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