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Zhu jin Twixtor ( Hell’s Paradise Eps 9 )

Zhu jin Twixtor ( Hell's Paradise Eps 9 )

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Character Synopsis of Zhu jin

Zhu Jin had dazzling golden eyes, prominent eyelashes, and unique orange flower petal-shaped hair, along with long stigma-like antennae. As for their attire, Zhu Jin preferred wearing a shirt with a large collar, a beaded necklace, a cool dark skirt, hakama, and dark boots. On top of that, Zhu Jin would don a hanfu adorned with dark patterns and two long flowing sashes.

Upon entering their Kishikai, Zhu Jin’s body transformed into a gigantic flower resembling a hibiscus, complete with flower tentacles at the bottom. Two bodies representing Zhu Jin’s Yin and Yang forms acted as the flower’s style, with four protruding anthers at the top. During partial transformation, some of Zhu Jin’s hair, arms up to the chest, and torso darkened, sprouting bulbs and long leaves emerged from behind their body, giving the appearance of a revealing coat. Their ears became more pointed, and their fingers transformed into claws.

After merging with the Banko, the enormous flower assumed the form of Zhu Jin’s head, adorned with plant vines and anthers protruding from it, with a flower bed nestled within the top of the head featuring a replica of Zhu Jin’s Yin body as a stigma. As morning arrived, the Zhu Jin-fused Banko’s form further evolved, developing a body with veins and flowers sprouting from layered holes all around, sporting two pairs of breasts and four arms. Strands of vine also began to freely hang from its body.

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