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Twixtor Zohakuten Eps 9 ( Demon Slayer S3 )

Twixtor Zohakuten Eps 9 ( Demon Slayer S3 )

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Character Synopsis of Zohakuten

Zohakuten possesses the ability to manipulate wood and shape it into five large dragon heads, capable of attacking from both close and long range. He utilizes these dragon heads to bite or swallow his targets, crushing them within his jaws. Additionally, he demonstrates the ability to manipulate whip-like branches to strike his opponents.

Zohakuten harnesses his power from a combination of Sekido, Karaku, Aizetsu, and Urogi. This demon can utilize advanced blood demon arts, elevating his abilities to a higher level.

Zohakuten can unleash lightning-like bursts similar to Sekido, generate powerful gusts of wind that leave behind massive maple leaf-shaped craters like Karaku, emit strong shockwaves of sound like Urogi, and manifest spear-like attacks from thin air akin to Aizetsu.

Moreover, Zohakuten himself is capable of using these abilities, as seen when he invokes Urogi’s soundwaves without relying on his wooden dragon heads.

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