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Twixtor Zohakuten Episode 10 | 60 FPS | Demon Slayer S3

Twixtor Zohakuten Episode 10 | 60 FPS | Demon Slayer S3

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Character Synopsis of Zohakuten

Zohakuten possesses the extraordinary power to manipulate wood, which he expertly channels into the form of five colossal dragon heads. These majestic creatures are not only visually impressive but also possess the capability to unleash devastating attacks, both from a distance and up close. Their fearsome jaws can bite and engulf targets, obliterating them with their immense power.

In addition to controlling the dragon heads, Zohakuten has mastered the art of wielding whip-like branches with remarkable precision, using them to strike his opponents with lethal accuracy.

These formidable abilities are a result of Zohakuten’s fusion with four distinct sources: Sekido, Karaku, Aizetsu, and Urogi. Through this fusion, Zohakuten has elevated his blood demon arts to an advanced level, becoming an unstoppable force.

Similar to Sekido, Zohakuten can unleash bursts of energy that crackle with lightning-like power. He can summon mighty gusts of wind, leaving behind enormous craters that resemble the shape of maple leaves, much like Karaku. Furthermore, Zohakuten can emit powerful shockwaves of sound, reminiscent of Urogi’s abilities. Additionally, he can manifest spear-like attacks seemingly out of thin air, mirroring the capabilities of Aizetsu.

Moreover, Zohakuten’s mastery over these powers extends beyond his control over the dragon heads. He can personally utilize Urogi’s soundwaves without relying on his wooden companions, showcasing his exceptional command over the various forces at his disposal.

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