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Mem-Cho Twixtor Episode 11 | Oshi no Ko | Full HD

Mem-Cho Twixtor Episode 11

Twixtor in Bellow


Synopsis Character of Mem-Cho

Mem-Cho, whose real name remains unknown, is a significant supporting character in the manga series “Oshi no Ko.” She is renowned as a popular YouTuber and previously had a presence on TikTok.

Despite missing out on the opportunity to pursue her dream of becoming an idol due to familial responsibilities, Mem-Cho found success as a prominent streamer. Her talent and popularity led her to participate in the reality dating show “LoveNow.” However, it was after the show’s conclusion that she was finally granted another chance to pursue her childhood aspiration. Aqua, a fellow contestant from the show, invited Mem-Cho to join his sister’s idol group. Despite exceeding the typical age range for an idol, she was warmly accepted into the group.

Throughout the series, Mem-Cho serves primarily as a source of comic relief, particularly within the context of the love triangle involving Aqua, Kana, and Akane.

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