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Du Cang Twixtor – Bleach TYBW Eps 16

Du Cang Twixtor - Bleach TYBW Eps 16

Twixtor in Bellow


Synopsis Character of Du Cang

During the second invasion, Cang joined the ranks of the Sternritter as they descended upon the newly transformed Wandereich city that now stood in place of the Seireitei. Alongside his fellow Quincy warriors, he made his way down to the battlefield.

As the chaos unfolded, Cang found himself amidst the clash just as Bazz-B, another Sternritter, was about to attack Hitsugaya, the captain of the 10th Division. In a calculated move, Cang intervened, reminding Bazz-B of their agreement to let the captains be dealt with by those who had stolen their Bankai. He asserted that he would deliver the final blow to Hitsugaya.

As the confrontation escalated, Bazz-B accused Cang of stealing his prey and warned him of Yhwach’s impending punishment for such actions. However, Cang confidently explained that it was Yhwach himself who decided that the captains should face the Sternritter responsible for the theft of their Bankai.

To emphasize his determination, Cang dramatically opened his cloak, revealing an unconscious figure lying on the floor. It was none other than Rangiku Matsumoto, the lieutenant of the 10th Division. With a cold and sinister tone, Cang declared that both Hitsugaya and Matsumoto should meet their demise together.

With this revelation, Cang unveiled his epithet as “The Iron,” a moniker that hinted at his relentless and unyielding nature. As the battle raged on, the true extent of Cang’s power and his ruthless commitment to the Quincy cause became apparent, setting the stage for a high-stakes confrontation in the ongoing Thousand-Year Blood War.

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