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Saigiku Jouno Twixtor – Bungou Stray Dog S5

Saigiku Jouno Twixtor - Bungou Stray Dog S5

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Synopsis Character of Saigiku Jouno

Upon their initial encounter, Jōno presents an outward demeanor of utmost serenity and composure within the Hunting Dogs unit. However, he harbors a low tolerance for disruptions and injustices. This becomes evident when he coolly apprehends Osamu Dazai during their first meeting, openly expressing his strong disapproval of Dazai’s blood-stained history.

Behind his poised facade, Jōno conceals a fiery temperament, which he pairs with cutting threats and remarks directed at his fellow comrades. Tetchō Suehiro frequently bears the brunt of these sharp comments due to his eccentric tendencies, much to Jōno’s frustration. Notably, he subtly reprimands his commanding officer, Ōchi Fukuchi, for theatrical behavior towards military personnel. Moreover, he even issues a veiled threat to shoot Fukuchi from behind, underscoring that his propensity for violence aligns with that of his companions. Jōno doesn’t shy away from harboring antagonistic sentiments toward various individuals, articulating his ill wishes either silently or vocally. This disposition extends to both Tetchō and even a government official.

Characteristically attuned to his environment, Jōno displays an aversion to heightened emotions and abrupt mood swings in his vicinity.

Interestingly, Jōno’s approach to extracting information from subjects diverges greatly from Tetchō’s during interrogations. He possesses a sadistic inclination, employing methods to torment his targets until they relent and divulge the necessary details during investigations. Tetchō himself acknowledges this grim tendency, highlighting Jōno’s penchant for deriving amusement from this cruel practice. As a result, driven by an unwavering determination for information extraction, Jōno firmly holds the belief that his investigative and apprehension skills position him as the “preeminent Hunting Dog” within the team.

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